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Lawrence Buchholz, D.V.M.

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Larry Buchholz was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, NY. Being exposed to a diverse wildlife and a constant supply of exotic (and more usual) pets while growing up fueled a desire to become a veterinarian from a very early age. He received his undergraduate degree from SUNY Binghamton, and attended veterinary school in Ithaca, NY at Cornell University. During vet school, he was able to combine his love of drawing and love of animals, and has several drawings published in medical texts and journals. Dr. Buchholz believes that educating owners about proper pet care is one of the most important services that a veterinarian can provide, and one of the best ways to strengthen the human-animal bond. Dr. Buchholz has been with us since 1994. Dr. Buchholz became a partner at the hospital in Oct. 1998 and became sole owner of the practice November 2001.