Jersey City Pet Boarding Services

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If you’re planning a vacation and can’t bring your family pet along, we offer safe, reliable pet boarding services in Jersey City. With our highly trained and knowledgeable staff at Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City, your pet will receive the quality care they deserve.

Whether you need overnight boarding or pet daycare, our facility can accommodate your pet no matter their size, age, or breed. Our staff adheres to strict handling, cleanliness, and safety guidelines so your pet is in trusted hands.

As an added benefit, we have veterinary staff on hand to take care of any health-related issues that may occur while you are away. While these occurrences are rare, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is safe and sound no matter what.

Boarding your pet with us includes:

  • Personal dog kennels
  • Secluded cat area
  • Specialized care for diabetic and special needs pets

For boarding services you can trust, call us at (201) 431-0057 or contact us online today.

Boarding Specifications

At Animal Clinic & Hospital of Jersey City, our cozy and comprehensive boarding services will ensure your pet is a as happy and comfortable as possible while you’re away. With our trustworthy, animal-loving staff and other furry friends to keep them company, your beloved companion will be lonely.

We provide the following amenities and services for you pet:

  • Bedding— For comfort, we provide beds and blankets for your pet during their stay. We prefer that your pet’s own bedding is left at home because some pets resort to chewing bed stuffing when suffering from separation anxiety. Also, pet beds can carry fleas. Our bedding is always cozy and clean.
  • Feeding—Pets will be fed two to three times per day depending on your specifications. All animals are fed a high-quality pet food, but you are always welcome to supply your own food. Fresh water is constantly available to pets.
  • Medications—If your pet needs medication(s) administered, please let our staff know upon scheduling your stay. We will inform you if any additional charges are required.
  • Vaccinations—All pets are required to have up-to-date vaccinations. Our veterinarians can administer the vaccinations if you inform us while scheduling your pet’s boarding that vaccination is necessary.

If you have any further questions about boarding your pet with us, or to schedule a stay in Jersey City, please contact our office at (201) 431-0057.

Why Pet Owners In Jersey City Choose Us

  • More than 6 Decades of Experience

    We have a love for Jersey City, the surrounding close-knit communities and its furry pets. Passionately dedicated to providing the best care since 1953.

  • Experts of Pet Wellness

    We are dedicated to discovering the root of your pet's health concerns, healing them back to health and continuing to care for them far beyond.

  • Educational Resource for Pet Owners

    Our vets are full of knowledge and are ready to share with pet owners. Beyond that, we provide resources that will help you make informed decisions regarding your pet's wellness.

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